The Significance of Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing is merely a method of testing and examining a structure to determine if there’s a high presence of asbestos-containing materials and their precise location inside the structure. If there’s any doubt, you should call in an expert or employ an asbestos testing machine to determine for certain. Otherwise, you risk causing serious diseases such as lung cancer. Asbestos fibres can be dangerous when they are inhaled, ingested, or otherwise come into contact with your body. Asbestos is often used in structures and materials that contain electricity, heat, water or other liquids, which are known to increase the risk of its ingestion and exposure.


For this reason alone, it is important to find out if there’s any asbestos inside a structure before demolition takes place. However, this doesn’t just apply to old buildings. Structures made before 2021 are still exposed to asbestos due to past asbestos use. Asbestos materials were commonly utilised in construction because it’s highly flexible yet strong. Asbestos fibre was also reasonably priced. Hence, it made sense to utilise asbestos in structures built before 2021.

However, things are not as simple today. Several regulations and acts have been enacted to limit the number of asbestos fibres used in construction materials. Additionally, asbestos testing isn’t as widely used anymore because of these regulations and acts. In general, asbestos testing isn’t used for reconstruction projects anymore because it’s become very expensive to dispose of the waste.

There are several reasons why MPA asbestos testing Adelaide shouldn’t be done when large amounts of asbestos fibres are present in a structure. First, there are serious health problems associated with inhaling asbestos fibres. When large fibres are trapped in the respiratory system, they can become lodged in the lungs, resulting in serious health problems. Inhaled asbestos fibres can result in asbestosis – a cancer of the respiratory system. Inhaled asbestos fibres can also cause mesothelioma – a form of lung cancer.

Even if the asbestos testing kit for your house contains enough asbestos to make your home uninhabitable, you may not necessarily know it. Also, asbestos testing kits are not fully equipped to handle the number of asbestos fibres present in a structure. Therefore, if an asbestos spill occurs, it will be easy to determine whether you’ve been exposed to asbestos at the time.

To perform an MPA asbestos testing Adelaide, you will need the services of an accredited asbestos testing laboratory. The equipment used in these laboratories is commonly used in other industries. For example, you will need a special microscope to identify the fibres and a polarised light microscope to image them. The third type of asbestos testing commonly performed by asbestos labs is electron microscopy. With this method, the sample material is exposed to electrons, and the images are then obtained.

If you want to know if a certain building or area has been contaminated with asbestos, you can also do it yourself by hiring an asbestos surveyor to perform the asbestos testing. This test can be done on your own, but an asbestos expert is advisable to do the testing. An asbestos expert is usually qualified and trained to handle various asbestos sampling techniques such as direct eradication, gel testing and submicron testing. The surveyor also carries the latest tools and protective clothing when conducting asbestos surveys.

Another type of asbestos testing commonly performed is the generation of high-resolution images of airborne fibres. This method is done by using a mesothelioma imaging system which is similar to an x-ray machine. The instrument collects air samples from inside the room and sends them to the research laboratory. The fibres are then scanned with a high-resolution imaging device and a computer. The images show the exact direction and height of the fibres. If high asbestos fibres are found, you are highly likely to be exposed to asbestos while residing in that particular building or room.

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