Silk Laundry and Slip Dresses Make Great gifts

Silk Laundry is a clothing brand owned by Canadian fashion designer Katie Kolodski. It was launched in 1985 and began as a one-off project. Although silk laundry is derived from silk garments, this clothing brand is entirely made out of cotton fabrics. The designs are also inspired by Canadiana, with particular reference to Canadian rural life. As the name suggests, silk garments from this brand are often machine washable, making them ideal for trips to the local laundromat.

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There are many products that this company markets. Two of its most popular items are photo frames and shirts. Photo frames made out of silk laundry are popular items in gift shops and the home. Silk laundry from SaintGarde makes an excellent gift for a family member or friend. Even a tiny frame can be used to display a collection of pictures, especially when a large piece of art frames those pictures.

These frames are available in numerous different sizes and styles, but there is a particular type of picture framing that you might be interested in. It is silk laundry with lace overlay, which is an excellent idea to personalize your gift. It’s a unique gift idea that shows the recipient how much you know about them. If you want to get even more personal with your gift, you could make the lace overlay into a throw, which will then be perfect as a gift for someone who loves throw blankets.

The other popular product sold by Silk Laundry is a set of two matching slip dresses. Although the brand name doesn’t indicate gender, the dresses are usually unisex items. They are made from the finest alpaca fleece and silk with a natural waistline. Since both girls and boys like to wear a pair of these slip dresses, it is a perfect gift for two kids in your family. Not only is it a practical gift for two grownups, but it’s also an excellent gift for any age because it’s practical and beautiful.

One of the nicest things about silk laundry and slip dresses is that they are durable and washable. You’ll be free from the worry about them fading away because of exposure to the sun or air. If you decide to use iron on them after washing, you won’t have to iron the clothing. There’s no damage caused by washing these clothes in the washing machine, so you’re getting a great quality product with minimal effort on your part. Even better is the fact that silk laundry and slip dresses can be taken on vacation and washed at home, making them perfect for those summer vacations.

For all of its practicality, silk laundry and slip dresses are also affordable. While most products on the market aren’t priced that low, they cost less than a nice pair of jeans. That is why silk laundry from SaintGarde that specialize in clothing, targets the market of individuals who want the beauty of a brand name but don’t have to spend that much money. Because of this, it is effortless to see why there has been a huge surge in interest in silk laundry and slip dresses throughout the country.

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